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Call the Hep C Helpline on:

9332 1599 (Sydney)
1800 803 990 (regional NSW)

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What is the Hep C Helpline?

The NSW Hep C Helpline is a state-wide telephone information and support service for people affected by hepatitis C. It is a free, confidential and non judgemental service and callers are offered:

  • up to date, accurate information about hep C
  • a supportive environment to talk over their experiences and any particular issues
  • referral details to appropriate services
  • individual advocacy
  • a detailed, posted, free information package on hep C

We receive calls from a diverse range of people including those affected by hepatitis C or at risk of contracting the virus, people's family and friends, health care workers, employers and people from within the wider community.


How can the service help me?


We talk to people about a range of topics, including:

  • information around testing
  • support for people who are recently diagnosed
  • managing symptoms
  • monitoring your health, lifestyle and diet
  • transmission risk
  • the treatment process, including coping with side effects
  • disclosure and discrimination
  • pregnancy and children
  • employment and welfare
  • accessing useful services, including support groups


Resource packs that include a wide range of printed information are available and can be posted - free of charge - in a plain envelope to all callers.


When are Helpline services available?


The Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Outside these hours, we have a recorded information service and people are able to leave a message requesting Helpline staff call back.

We also answer questions via email, just CLICK HERE >>

What do callers say about the Helpline?

"Fantastic service. The worker was friendly, caring and helpfull."

"Very un-judgemental. Lovely people to have on a phone service."

"It was great. I live in a rural town without access to info and don't have a computer."

"Very informative and easy to talk to. I felt really good about being able to cope."

What is the Prisons Hep C Helpline?

The NSW Prisons Hep C Helpline is an additional service provided by the Client Services team at the Hepatitis C Council of NSW. It has been operating since 2000 and provides free and accurate hep C information to prison inmates in an anonymous and non-judgemental environment.

Inmates can access the Prisons Helpline by using the freecall system within their prison - which means they do not pay for the call. We are also able to provide information, support and referrals to people whose family and friends are inside, including sending information packs.





Monday to Friday

9 am - 5 pm

At other times, recorded information and call back facility is provided.