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Hepatits C NSW Helpline

Hep C Helpline
The NSW Hep C Helpline is a state-wide telephone information and support service for people affected by hepatitis C. It is a free, confidential and non judgemental ... more>>


Email questions

Email questions answered
This is an online information service. Email your question to us and we will reply within three days ... more>>


call the hep c council

Hep Connect Peer Support Program
This program enables people affected by hep C to speak by phone with trained volunteers who have experiences of living with hep C, including treatment ... more>>


Hep C forum

Hep C Australasia online peer support forum
This online forum enables people with hep C to access support from others affected by the virus ... more>>

hep c links


External links
Find out more about hepatitis C on the web ... more>>




Contact the Council
Phone, fax and email options ... more>>

image world hepatitis Day 2008

World Hepatitis Day 08

The World Hepatitis Alliance was formed in 2007 to progress action globally on addressing viral hepatitis. The first World Hepatitis Day took place on 19 May 2008. See newsletters below for background on this global hepatitis B & C awareness raising event.

WHD newsletter 01

WHD newsletter 02

WHD newsletter 03

WHD newsletter 04

WHD newsletter 06