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…working together to promote understanding


C-een & Heard offers a new approach to hepatitis C education. It is a service providing speakers who share their personal experiences of hepatitis C with audiences of health care or other workers, as well as community and/or client groups.


Our aim is to increase understanding and awareness of hepatitis C, dispel myths and misconceptions, and reduce hepatitis C related stigma and discrimination. We strongly encourage the inclusion of a C-een & Heard speaker in longer education sessions to add an important client perspective.


C-een & Heard has proved to be a valuable tool for many health and welfare services.



Inviting a speaker to your agency or organisation provides an opportunity to:


  • Hear first hand personal experiences of people living with hepatitis C.
  • Challenge the myths and stereotypes about hepatitis C.
  • Address discriminatory attitudes in the workplace and elsewhere.
  • Provide a holistic view of health (medical, social, personal).
  • Gain insight into the psychosocial issues associated with hepatitis C.
  • Enhance existing training & education initiatives with personal perspectives.



Want to get more information?


To discuss your requirements or to get more information, email the E&D team.



Making a booking


Submit your request using our online BOOKING FORM. We will contact you to confirm availability and to discuss your needs so that we can allocate a speaker accordingly.

  • The service is free to members of the Hepatitis C Council of NSW and NGOs. Please contact the Council for information on membership. Otherwise, there is an $85 fee which is paid directly to the speaker.
  • The fee includes a speaker for up to one hour which includes a 15-20 minute presentation followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.
  • Due to speaker locations, the service is currently only available in the greater Sydney area.