Hepatitis Council of NSW

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Our team

Coordinator - Education and Development

The Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Council's education, training, capacity building, partnership and workforce development services.


Project Officers – Education and Development
These project officers share the projects and programs undertaken by our Education and Development team, including: education and information sessions, HepLink e-list and interagency, the C-een & Heard and media speakers programs, capacity building initiatives, coordination of awareness week activities, and the development of education tools and resources.


Our services


  • Education and training services
  • HepLink healthcare workers program
  • C-een & Heard speakers program
  • Partnership building services
  • HepCellence project
  • Educational tools and resources


Contact us


Email: our E&D team

Phone: 02 9332 1853


About our work


The Education & Development team provides support for and building the capacity of healthcare and community organisations and workers in order to build workforce sector capacity to address hepatitis C care and prevention.

We work to foster

  • a knowledgeable workforce
  • a collaborative workforce
  • a resourced and supported workforce
  • a workforce that addresses access, equity, and prevention
  • a workforce that works in partnership with affected communities.

Guided by a capacity building approach, we value the principles of workforce development. We provide education and related support, and helping build links and partnerships in the hepatitis C workforce.


According to Hawe, et. al. (1999) capacity building is "an approach to the development of sustainable skills, organisational structures, resources and committment to health improvement in health and other sectors to prolong and multiply health gains many times over."


We use a capacity building framework based on the above definition and developed by NSW Health. More information about NSW Health's capacity building framework can be found at www.health.nsw.gov.au/public-health/health-promotion/capacity-building/framework/index.html


The capacity building approach acknowledges that workforce development strategies are most effective and sustainable when supported by other learning activities and service development strategies.


What is workforce development?


Workforce development involves more than education - although education and training are key parts of the approach. It is a process of enabling workers to have the abilities and committment to contribute to organisational and community goals. It is about supporting and resourcing workers and organisations to carry out their work; in this case, their work with people who are affected by or at risk of hepatitis C.


Some of the strategies we use include:

  • networks and interagencies
  • information and resources dissemination
  • service visits
  • planning days
  • workshop inservice facilitation and planning
  • participation on advisory, reference or working groups
  • working collaboratively with services to develop internal service delivery action plans


The Education and Development team aims to encourage and support organisations and workers to build on education and training in order to achieve learning and lasting change.