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Current studies seeking your input:

Taking part in research will help improve hep C awareness and services.

If you'd like to take part in current studies, please consider visiting the following links:


UNSW recent diagnosis study (Sydney)


Genetic factors to treatment response study (Sydney)


Caring for our carers study (Sydney)


Access to public dental services survey (NSW)


Online HCV research database:

To access the results of clinical research and find out more about Australian research (epidemiology, social, clinical, virilogy) we suggest you visit the:

NCHSR Consortium Clearinghouse database


Online PDF research reports:

Specific downloadable HCV-related research resources.


WARNING - Some of these PDFs are large (2-3 MB) and can take 10-20 seconds to download and open in Acrobat.


image NSP survey 2002-2006 image IDRS NSP drug trends bulletin image annual report of HCV behaviour image surveillance report 2008

Australian NSP survey 2002-2006 (2007)


IDRS NSP drug trends bulletin (2008)

Lastest Annual BBV Behaviour Report (2008)


Latest Annual BBV Surveillance Report (2008)


image Aboriginal BBV surveillance report image drug decriminalisation in Portugal image hep B needs assessment 2007

Reducing risk behaviours 02


Latest Aboriginal BBV Surveillance Report (2007)


Effects of Drug Decriminalisation in Portugal (2007)

National Hep B Needs Assessment (2007)


image report attitudes to drug users image experience of hep C treatment image drug use in Australia report 2006

HCW Attitudes to Drug Users (2007)


Experience of hep C treatment (2007)

Reducing risk behaviours 01


Statistics on drug use in Australia (2006)
image hep C research Making decisions about hepatitis C treatment image hep c research think tank image Maher high hcv incidence study image 06 pharmacy nsp survey

Decisions about Treatment (2004)


Hepatitis C Research Think Tank (2006)

High hepatitis C incidence in new IDU (2006) Pharmacy NSP survey (2006)
image HCV blood social research
image dealing with risk
image 3D social research
image risk for hep C

My Blood is Dark Red  (2003)


Dealing With Risk (2003)

3D Project (2003)

Risk for Hep C (2003)

image epidemiology of hcv
image hep C school students social research
image NSP research report image hep C social research needs analysis

Epidemiology of HCV (1999)

Hepatitis & Health (2001)

Return on Investment NSP



Social Research Needs Analysis



Published information on complementary therapies, herbs, medicines and the liver:

We provide these papers/excerpts as educational and discussion tools. Should you or your GP wish to see the full papers, please contact the Hep C Helpline.


image systematic review of hep C complementary therapies      

Systematic review of hep C comp therapies (2004)


image medicines and the liver image medicines and liver image liver and herb problems herbals image medicine and herb interactions herbs

Problem medicines

and the liver - pt 1

Problem medicines

and the liver - pt 2

Problem herbs and the liver Medicine and herb interactions


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