Hepatitis Council of NSW

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HepLink is a NSW statewide network/interagency comprised of various health care and other workers who address issues relating to hepatitis C in their work. The aim of HepLink is to share information, resources and support.

HepLink offers members:
  • professional connectivity
  • support
  • information sharing
  • networking
  • a forum to discuss and address issues of common concern
  • Initially beginning as a support group for workers, HepLink is now an email-based interagency, more than 400 members strong. Members circulate between 5-10 emails per week on hepatitis C related topics. All postings are moderated and approved by the secretariat before posting to ensure relevance to the membership.


    In addition to the email list we also hold quarterly forums on key topics related to hepatitis C and identified by members. These usually take place in Sydney at the RPAH and are linked by TeleHealth Video Conferencing to rural and regional sites around NSW.


    The Hepatitis C Council of NSW acts as the secretariat for the interagency and participates on the steering committee. Membership of HepLink is open to health care and other workers who address issues related to hepatitis C in their work.

    If you are interested in joining HepLink, please email the E&D team or  heplink@yahoogroups.com