Hepatitis Council of NSW

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Hep C education

Education and development project
Learn about our education and development team and their aims and objectives ... more>>


Hep C health care workers

Education and Training Services

We provide educational and workforce development services to health care and community workers, and others who work with people affected by, or at risk of hep C ... more>>



HepLink health care workers network
The HepLink network is a key initiative in the overall NSW HCV education, training and workforce development program ... more>>



C-een & Heard speakers service
C-een & Heard offers a new approach to education by providing speakers to share their personal stories with healthcare workers ... more>>



Partnership building services

Partnership development is one of the key action areas of the capacity building framework that guides our work ... more>>    



HepCellence project
This program takes a broad capacity building approach and will provide opportunity for the Council to offer more sustainable outcomes to the agencies we work with ... more>>



Hepatitis C educator's resources and tools

A range of education and training powerpoint shows and other tools, including our Hep ABC game ... more>>



HCV research
Find out more about research programs underway, and completed research papers ... more>>