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Hepatitis Australia RESOURCES

Hepatitis Australia is a national organisation funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing which delivers a range of services and project work aimed at addressing the needs of people affected by hepatitis.

They have produced a very useful range of information resources and document reviews. Many of these resources are available across NSW in hardcopy format from the Hepatitis C Council of NSW - see our resource fax back order form.


Clinical information in these resources is not meant to replace the advice which would be provided by a doctor or other health care worker. People who have hep C should regularly see their doctor, who can provide monitoring, up-to-date information, advice and counseling if needed.


As part of Hepatitis Australia's production process, these resources have been approved and endorsed by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.


WARNING - These PDFs are large (2-3 MB) and can take 10-20 seconds to download and open in Acrobat.


image my choice iimage living with cirrhosis image hep B brochure

My Choice to Tell


Living with Cirrhosis

Hepatitis B


image guide to healthy eating
image moving on
image ahc comp therapies

Guide to Healthy Eating


Moving On After Treatment

Complementary Therapies
image ahc prep 4 testing
image my rights

Preparing for Testing


Ready, Set, Combo

My Rights

image ahc thinking about treatment image ahc women and hep c image ahc contact

Thinking About Treatment


Women & Hep C






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