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Reports & related resouRCES

A collection of downloadable reports, discussion papers and policy documents published by publicly-funded, reputable and expert institutions including Commonwealth and State health departments, the national HIV/HCV research centres, the NSW anti-Discrimination Board and the Australian National Council on Drugs.

WARNING - Some of these PDFs are large (2-3 MB) and can take 10-20 seconds to download and open in Acrobat.


image - 2008 hep C guidelines for Aust prisons image - 2008 hep C guidelines for Aust prisons    

Hepatitis C Guidelines for Custodial Settings (2008)


Hepatitis C Guidelines - Supplement (2008)


Image - testing policy 2007 image NSW Hep C strategy 2007 image care and treatment review image UNDOC harm min discussion paper

National Hep C Testing Policy (2007)


NSW Hep C Strategy (2007)

NSW Care & Treatment Review (2008)


UNODC Harm Min Discussion Paper (2008)
image nsp policy image economic evaluation of hep C image nsw hcv strategy aboriginal implementation plan image Independent Social Security Handbook

NSW NSP policy (2006)

Economic Evaluation of Hepatitis C (2006)


NSW Hep C Strategy Aboriginal Impl plan (2007)


The Independent Social Security Handbook (2007)


image HCV estimates & projections report image - atsi drug use report 06 image aboriginal BBV hep C strategy image hepatitis B hep B report

Estimates & Projections Report (2006)


image nsp review of evidence image Health care workers with HCV image Health care workers exposed to HCV image - hep c natstrat0508

NSP: Review of Evidence


Health care workers with HCV (2005)

Health care workers exposed to HCV (2005)


National Strategy 05/08 (2005)

image aivl nsp position paper image 2004 Timeline image European injecting rooms report image nsp questions answered

AIVL NSP discussion paper


Hep C Historical Timeline (2004)


EU European injecting centres report (2004)


NSP: Questions Answered



image nohsc
image gov response
image hcv policy series 2
image evaluation of national HCV strategy

HCV risk in the workplace


Govt response to Review of the Nat Strategy



Policy Series 2 (2003)

Review of National HCV Strategy


image drugs in focus
image HCV National Model of Care
image corrections health hep c strategy

image HCV national testing policy

EU Drugs in focus: hep C (2003)


CHS - HCV Strategic Plan


National Testing Policy


image nsp position paper
image liver transplant plan
image social determinants of health report
image road to recovery

Social Determinants of Health report (2003)


Inquiry into substance abuse (2003)


image informing australia's national hepatitis C response
image C Change hep C discrimination report
image hcv policy series 1
hcv media guide

Informing the National Response (2000)


Policy Series 1 (2001)

Media Guide (2001)

image review of australia's response to hepatitis c
image Hep C historial timeline 1999

image national hepatitis c strategy 9904

National HCV Strategy







The Hepatitis Council of NSW - Policy Resources

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